Bruce M. Sabin
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Research Interests:
Moral Development, Outcomes Assessment, Education Policy

Ed.D. Dissertation:
Sabin, Bruce M. (2006). A faith-based program evaluation: Moral development of seminary students at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. (download PDF)
       See a video of me receiving my doctoral hood, May 6, 2006

Current Research Projects:
Personality types among inmates of a maximum security prison

A comparison of Baptist moral theology with Kohlberg's theory of moral development

Sabin, Bruce M. (2006, April 26). "Myers-Briggs personality types and ministry." Presented at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Angola, LA campus.

Sabin, Bruce M. (2006, April 21). "Using faculty websites for efficiency and effectiveness." Presented at the Annual Conference of the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education: Orlando.

Wade, H Keith, & Sabin, Bruce M. (2005, Dec). "Bunyanesque tasks with Lilliputian resources: A small school's approach to the reaffirmation process." Roundtable discussion at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges: Atlanta.

Bruce i
n the News:
Lewis, Diane E. (2005, March 30). "Job applicants' online posting get hard look." Boston Globe.

Carter, O.K. (2004, Nov 1). Undecideds could make the difference." Arlington Star-Telegram.

Interviewed by Josh Azriel, WMFE (Orlando NPR affiliate), concerning labor market, April 1, 2002



Designing a Prison Program Evaluation (2004)

Socialization of New College Faculty (2004)

Block Tuition as Welfare Reform (2004)

American Embargo Against Cuba (2002)

Public Schools as Our Cultural Battlefield (2002)

Learning Contracts in Community Colleges (2002)

Alcoholic Prohibition in Southern Baptist Churches (1999)


Book Reviews:

Rentz's Student Affairs Practice in Higher Education (Education Review, May 2006)

I'm the Teacher, You're the Student (Education Review, Aug 2005)

Successful Service-Learning Programs (2005)

Crafting Law on the Supreme Court (2003)

Politics by Other Means (2003)

The Logic of Collective Action (2002)

The Nature of Belief Systems in Mass Publics (2002)

News That Matters (2002)

Private Truths, Public Lies (2002)




Agape, Sophia, Servitutis: de Deo, cum Deo, pro Deo